About Our Company

Kelley Pure Essential Oils all began during massage school when I was introduced to essential oils.  I found them to be very interesting, powerful and felt they should be part of every household.  As I started using them, I found them to be rather spendy and found it hard to “use them daily”.  Because I felt they should be used daily and after some intensive research, ...Kelley Pure Essential Oils was started.  Our purpose and mission is to provide essential oils at a reasonable cost so they CAN be used every day.

Using an outside vendor, gas chromatography and mass spectrometry analysis is a standard procedure that we use prior to an essential oil being approved for receipt into our inventory.  Kelley Oils conform to ISO and AFNOR standards for therapeutic use of essential oils. Our labels state the Botanical name, Latin name, country of origin and lot # and if they are Organic or Pure. 

As we continue to grow, we look forward to the many challenges and opportunities ahead. We are working on some very innovative products, more “green” production practices, and reaching an even larger audience around the US and the world. As a family-run business, we work together as a team, have some fun while we work, we know the importance of good customer service, fast delivery of oils and understand the importance of creating a high quality product at an affordable price.   We strive to provide you with only the freshest oils, bottling only after we receive your order so that your Essential Oils and Base Oils are as fresh and long-lasting as possible.


Our team

Bridget Kelley RA, LMT

Meet Bridget Kelley, Registered Aromatherapist, Community Herbalist, Naturalist & Founder

Bridget Kelley is a Registered Aromatherapist thru Aromatherapy Registery Council (ARC), Past Nationally Certified Licensed Massage Therapist, owner and main essential oils blend formulator for Kelley Pure Essential Oils. Bridget along with her husband Tim, work together with the day to day functions.  

Bridget also worked as an Oncology Massage Therapist, along with being a clinical essential oil consultant for area hospitals.  Bridget is a local instructor of aromatherapy classes in west central Wisconsin. Bridget has sat on the Board of Directors for AIA for 5 years and was the 2012 President of Alliance of International Aromatherapists (AIA). 

Tim Kelley

Meet Tim Kelley, an all around great Guy!

Tim has his BS from BSU, yep, that's right!  He is in charge of the background workings of this company.  His degree is in Accounting but his passion is in speaking.  Tim is a Distinguished Toastmaster and speaks at various locations on various subjects.  Tim was the Master of Ceremonies at the 2013 & 2015 Alliance of International Aromatherapy (AIA) Conference. 


“I love your Frankincense... Can't get enough of that oil.” 
Loving the combo you suggested of the grapefruit and lavender in our vacuum cleaner! Thank you so very much.” 
“I love the new website!”