Orders for Kelley Pure Essential Oils are bottled and shipped in the order they’re received. Most orders ship next day but do allow 3 business days since we custom bottle for each essential oil order to ensure that you receive the freshest oils possible.

US orders are shipped by USPS Priority Mail. Base cost is $9.00 with slight increases up to $100 where it’s FREE shipping after that. USPS is definitely less expensive on smaller packages and highly competitive on medium-sized packages.

Store pickup – Store pickup is available to local customers.  We are not open for walk in customers.  If you have chosen this option for shipping, we will email you when your order is ready, to arrange a pickup date and location. If you have chosen this by mistake, we will invoice you for the shipping charges and then ship out your package.




In order to keep prices as low as possible for all Kelley Pure Essential Oils Customers, there are no returns on essential oils, unless of course the shipment is damaged by the courier. This site is created specifically for those who know and use essential oils, and know the quality of our materials. If there is any uncertainty you should order samples first.

Kelley Pure Essential Oils offers sample sizes (2ml) of each oil for retail customers and wholesale members at a nominal charge that covers materials and handling costs. This gives all parties assurance that the oil meets your needs before investing in a larger quantity. Sample sizes are also nonreturnable.

This keeps Kelley Pure Essential Oils operating efficiently, eliminates the waste of returned materials (because they cannot be ethically resold without the expense of re-testing, which would result in materials being discarded because testing small amounts is cost prohibitive), and thereby facilitates keeping the prices under better control for everyone.



Courier Damage  

This is highly unlikely because we pack orders very well, with extra attention to detail so as to avoid any inconvenience for customers and ourselves. However, it can upon rare occasion happen.

In the event that a courier attempts to deliver a damaged package, it should be refused for delivery, whereupon it will be returned to us and your order will be reshipped upon our receipt. Notify us by email immediately if this occurs.

Free Shipping over $100


Anti-inflammatory Anti-bacterial Anti-septic Anti-spasmodic Analgesic Anti-viral Monoterpenes Anti-fungal Anti-depressant Anti-anxiety Sedative Carminative Expectorant Anti-microbial Stomachic Middle Note Anti-infectious Top|Middle Note Anti-oxidant Monoterpenols Immuno-stimulant Stimulant Diuretic Lamiaceae Tonic Anti-rheumatic Esters Emmenagogue Digestive tonic Astringent Sesquiterpenes Hypotensive Nervine Top Note CNS tonic Cicatrisant Decongestant Mucolytic Deodorant Rutaceae Ketone Immune support Energizing Digestive stimulant Cephalic Insect repellent Rubefacient Base Note Middle|Base Note Myrtaceae voucher code Vermifuge gift gift certificate Febrifuge Anti-convulsant Oxides Disinfectant Phenols Tonifying Liver supporter Aldehydes Asteraceae Ethers Lauraceae Wound healing Sesquiterpenols Aphrodisiac Strengthening Poaceae Calming Depurative Lymph decongest Apiaceae Anti-emetic CNS depressant Vein tonic Pinaceae Warming Anti-tussive Cooling Anti-allergenic Burseraceae Cupressaceae Digestive Anti-arthritic Lymphatic support Anti-asthmatic CNS sedative Annonaceae Cholagogue Estrogenic Hepatic Umbelliferae Zingiberaceae Diaphoretic Piperaceae Illiciaceae anti parasitic Santalaceae Aldehyde Myristicaceae Neurotoxin ANTIVIRAL Geraniaceae Rosaceae Counter irritant Oleaceae Anti-pyretic antibCTERIAL Cordial Anti-infectious relaxing Vulnerary Circulatory antioxidant Anti-oxidant Anti-spasmodic muscle relaxant Uterine stimulant Valerianaceae Anesthetic antiinflammatory Aperitive